To You

Next to the liquor cabinet was a photo of a woman standing in front of a bi-plane dressed in an airline uniform. “Here’s to you,” he said, and he downed a shot of whiskey in a single, gritty swallow.
Since she joined the Air force he’d grown accustomed to her absence. But even then there were breaks between the loneliness that helped him make it to the day she’d return home for good. Now he had nothing. No letters, no long distant calls, no hope of her ever returning. The only break he looked forward to was when the whiskey put him to sleep. 




There’s Something Here


I want to be something to you that no one’s ever been. Something more than a best friend. That fleeting thought inside your head, that warmth you feel while you’re in bed. That’s what I want to be.

The truth, the only, the reason. The change in your seasons. That intimate touch that causes you to breathe in.  So deeply and jagged. Uncontrolled and unbounded.

A shiver, a twist, perhaps of your soul. Just enough so that when you hear my name you lose control. It may be selfish of me to want you to be mine. But I can’t help it, you’ve become a part of my design. A shrine that I worship. The captain behind the helm of my own ship. Together we will go so very far. Pushing through water until we’ve become aground. From there we’ll walk on foot, searching for every sight, listening to every sound. Wanderlust, they’ll say we have. Because of our insatiable need to explore each other.

And that’s just fine. I can be forever lost as long as we’re together. Running through prairies and rolling through flowers. Sitting under stars and talking for hours about what life is supposed to mean.

See, I can see it now. Our future mapped before my eyes. You and I hand in hand.

Here there is no disguise. I’ve shown you who I am, and I’ve seen who you are. And it is that very sight that has caused me to open up and give myself, the most brittle of creatures, to you.

Oh it’s true, and I hope you believe these words. As I let them out as free as birds. To find your ears and hopefully your heart. To prove to you that there’s something here. Something I’ve felt from the very start.





He should have been unworthy of her quintessential beauty.
For she was a goddess and he was a ruthless nobody.
How could she have fallen for the words that slipped between his teeth?
For they were ill spoken words, disguised by the cowardice lurking beneath.

I watched her as she was chained to the shadow of his twisted wing.
I could see it in her eyes, her desire to break his faithless ring.
Yet she was a slave to his wicked ways, as he held captive her emotions,
And caged like a bird was her heart, her precious soul left broken.

She should have been free, running through the flowers that yearned for her attention.
Instead she was lost to the world, as I waited for divine intervention.
I should have made a decision; I always swore I’d do it one day.
But then one day turned to the next, and then the next and then the next day.

The scars behind her tears, they whispered time was running short.
And still I stood without a motion; my fears would arise and I’d abort.
“Please God will you help her? I fear I am much too weak”.
Yet the next day I would see her, her world looked all the more bleak.

She was a ghost amongst the living, not a soul paid her any care.
And here I am rich with it, only to pretend to be unaware.

And then I saw it, the flashing lights both red and blue,
A body bag, a man in cuffs and that’s when I knew.
She screamed every night for someone to do something.
And all she got was for good men to stand by and do nothing.

And now the world is wondering why the fuck she was taken
It’s because we are all cowards, we all stand unspoken…

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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” -Edmund Burke

Ameliorate the Heart

It’s a feeling of delicacy, an ever soft whisper
A touch of intimacy that makes our hearts whimper
Maybe it’s the April showers, or the May time flowers
Whatever the reason, this feels like a time for lovers

To embrace, to kiss, to touch and love
All of us have the right to the above
For there is nothing more sacred
Than that whimsical sense of wonder

To travel around all that is hatred
To refuse to let our souls surrender

This all is to ameliorate the heart indeed
For this is love, the only cure we may ever need

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An Inspirational Soul “A Free Mind”

Have you found her? It is often said that her thoughts are lost among the beauty of the earth, for only the flowers are bright enough to hold her heart.

This is a woman whose very spirit shapes the definition of love. Her eyes hold a sparkle given to her by the stars themselves. Her naked body embraces the kiss of the wind as it’s delicately shaped to near perfection.

She’s become accustomed to dancing in the rain. She prances through fields with a childlike wonder while her gentile skin embraces the affection of the sun. Her children are the butterflies for they feed off the energy that surrounds her.

With a flower stuck so elegantly in her hair this is no ordinary girl. She’s the walking embodiment of what it means to be extraordinary.

To outsiders she may appear lost and dazed. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. She’s a master of the art of being mindful, always making sure to see the little things.

She could sit for hours watching the trees dance in the spring breeze. She can listen to the birds serenade each other as if she understood their songs. She’s one of the few who can hear the story a running stream has to tell.

She is a lover of life to the very core. She sees no point in wasting her precious time chasing money to collect materialistic things. Her spirit is far too free to be a slave like that. While billions slob at the feet of useless idols, in her heart she knows who the true idols are.

This is a flower girl for sure. But that doesn’t mean she sees no value in the wholesome. She can just as often be found relaxing at home, surrounded by the most important people in her life.

She values family and friendship on a level of religiosity. These people are the few that hold the key to her well protected soul. She understands how lucky she is to be blessed with these people. These are not relationships she takes for granted.

She enjoys this time around others but also craves her solitude. She’s introverted by nature. It is during this solitary time that she can truly get in touch with herself. This is when she evaluates her faults and fears, her accomplishments and failures. Without this time she could become flustered and feel as if she is losing herself.

Yet through all this there are scars within her smile. Life hasn’t always been sunshine and dancing for her. She’s a warrior as much as she is a lover.

If she wasn’t so excellent at wiping the tears away one would see the sorrow on her face. She’s made mistakes in the past by placing her love in nefarious hearts. It is this pain that taught her to tread carefully among strangers.

She may have had one true love in the past. To great dismay she withered away in the palm of their hand. This woman is an emotional creature. But sometimes emotions can become tangled. Sometimes she may feel her insecurities are not ready to be tested. She may feel her fears are not ready to be slayed and therefore her heart isn’t ready to be touched.

This is what makes this wonderful human being shine so bright amongst the others. Even after all she’s been through and all she has lost, she can still somehow find the beauty in life.

She has learned to give herself to others selflessly. She has dedicated her life to this idea that the world needs to be changed. To some this may be a fantasy but to her it’s destiny. She knows she can make a difference through love and selflessness. She knows this because she can hear the universe speak.

Her eyes could never hold a lie. Her touch could never harm a soul. She may come off as a careless flower girl, and in many ways that is exactly what she is. But make no mistake she knows her identity and is damn well proud of it.

She understands her motives better than most people. She stands among the ranks of the intimidating. To some she may come off as dangerous, not because of her violence, but her refusal to be a slave in a free world.

In the end, after all that has been said. It is not her beauty or sexuality that marks her identity. It is her free mind and her willingness to sacrifice for the love of life.

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“I watched her dance in a field of flowers. It was not the way her delicate skin reflected the sun’s light, nor was it the way her curves articulate to the scenery. Instead it was her youthful, childlike spirit, her careless freedom of which made me fall in love with her” –The Climbing Writer

An Inspirational Soul “A Beautiful Mind”

Have you met her? She is so absorbed with her struggling mind, that she over analyzes every single conceptual thought that forms within her mental depths. This isn’t an ordinary girl, but an extraordinary one.

This is a woman who does not act upon fear. Fear is inconceivable; fear is an emotion she does not fully understand. She doesn’t stop at the confrontation of fear, she only pushes stubbornly forward. It’s the only move she knows she has, because for her, going backwards is never an option. And she refuses to stand still.

Sleepless her mind is. While there are those whom drift to dream upon the cast of night, she is playing her dreams with full conscious action. She refuses to settle for the mediocre. She knows she’s more than that because she has seen it in her dreams. She has felt it in her heart and believes it to her core.

Everything is in detail, for she has no use for the vague. And every curvature of the detail is studied with the up most intensity. She is an architect, attempting to create a flawless world. An imperfect perfectionist she cannot stand mistakes. She must rectify everything that she feels has gone wrong. She must determine why things went wrong to begin with. And she must prevent things from ever going wrong again.

Failure is not something she handles well. In fact, as strong as she can be, failing can bring forth the tears and drop her to her quivering knees. Yet this is a woman who knows no quit.

To her challengers on the outside she may appear over competitive. While this is true, what is often mistaken is who she is in competition with. She does not compete with outside minds. She is in constant competition with herself, attempting to always be a better version than she was yesterday.

Her ultimate realization is that she has flaws. The downfall though is that she doesn’t believe a flawed mind can be a beautiful mind. She does so much to make sure every faculty is in order. This very nature creates the flaw she so urgently tries to fix.

Tucked away in solitude is where she truly feels home. Her touch of creativity is near limitless. The spark of inspiration may come from anything, as she is always analyzing every event. Simplicity quickly becomes the complicated. What looks to be a quilt, may be an entire story of life and death. The leaves of a tree, the soft white of the snow and the taste of the bitter winter air, can all inspire her mind to action. Everything has a story to tell and she listens very well.

One of the most complicated aspects for her is that of love. As said before she is flawed. Often her most flawed concept is her interpretation of love. She wants to be accepted, understood and cherished. Yet she doesn’t trust to put those words into the hearts of others easily.

This is a woman who hates to lose things. She may have lost a previous love or had been betrayed in the past. Like a teenager with a crush she has trouble letting go. So she holds onto what once was. Irrationally cherishing the thoughts of what will never be. She tells herself she cannot lose what she doesn’t have, therefore making falling in love an ever more difficult task.

This is unfortunate. Because when someone does come to offer her what she may be seeking, she is hesitant. It is with great sadness that good things often slip by, only to become regret and self-pity later down the road.

By default she is introverted. Although when surrounded by things she truly cares about, she can become quite extroverted. She absolutely loves to share her philosophies, ideals and passions with others. She may have a hard time finding intimate relationships, but she has no issues with developing friendships, especially if those friends share similar ideologies and hobbies.

Intelligent, intense, passionate, fearless, flawed, hesitant, creative, inspired and complicated, these are the qualities that make up this extraordinary person. This is a person worth chasing, a person worth having. Her mind makes up an exceptionally wonderful partner.

She is desperately trying to put together her views of the world. She’s trying to engineer her purpose, construct her identity and understand her motives. She is passionate about remaining true to her values. She’s fighting to remain free of the negativity of the world. While at the same time she’s fighting to free the positivity that is locked up.

This is a woman who may come to be intimidating to most. She’s dangerous with her convictions and knows ultimately what she wants. But to the worthy they will always see her as she really is, a gorgeous human being with a beautiful mind…

“It wasn’t when I first set my eyes upon her, nor was it when I touched her soft lips with mine, but when I sat and listened to the words that escaped her. It was then that I saw the true beauty that lay within.”

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What is Love

What is love if love is lost?
For if love is lost, can love be found?
And if love can be found, where would it be?
Lost among those feelings of intimacy?

Or maybe it’s hiding and wishes not to be found
For perhaps love is afraid

And if love is afraid could love ever be brave?
Could love be strong? Could love bare pain?

For if love can bare pain does that mean love can get hurt?
And if love can get hurt, can it ever heal?
For if love could heal love will most certainly scar.
And if love can scar, love will always remember
For what is love, if love forgets…

What is love?

Am I Alone

It’s been a long year for the two of us.
As we both lie so far, in our own beds between our own sheets,
I often wonder,
Am I on your mind, like you’re on mine?
Am I alone in this?
Could you have truly drifted on?

Has it been hard for you, like it’s been on me?
Do you stay up till you cry yourself to a restless sleep?
Do you search for answers to the many questions we’ve left behind?

Do you embrace me on your travels?
Only to find it was all a dream.
Do you catch yourself slipping my name between your teeth?
Or is my name lost among the wavering light of your new life.
And if so, is there ever a chance you’ll find it again?

Do you fear what I fear most?
That the Capricorn will never have its Cancer.
That this was all meant to be.
Do please tell me, dear once lover
Am I alone in this?
Could you have truly drifted on without me?